Monday, October 3, 2011

2011/10/03 signal: Buy BTTRX (or TLT, EDV, ZROZ) Long-term Treasury Bonds

On Monday October 3, a new BUY signal was published at :

Buy: BTTRX Long-term Treasury Bonds (or ETF alternatives TLT, EDV, ZROZ)
Sell: Cash (3moT)

More details about the portfolio and the transaction history at:

Please note the comments of the signal author at :

"The model switches from cash to Long-term Zero-Coupon Treasury Bonds (BTTRX) on 09/30/2011 @ $83.79. (The ETF alternatives to BTTRX, which is a mutual fund, are TLT, EDV, and ZROZ. Note that a lack of liquidity in some ETFs may exacerbate their volatility. Always familiarize yourself with any investment program and the assets involved before committing to it. Read the FAQs and The Art of the Switch, below.)"